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One of the emerging artists of realistic tattoo, both in Cleo Wattenstrom and grey and color, with influences of Cleo Wattenstrom style, Cleo is indeed also famous for her nearly perfect tattooed body and pretty mug. She is the fantasy of many men.

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We usually get to hear about the relationship between actor and actress, but a relationship between an actor and tattoo artist is unheard of. One of such relationships between the two artists is Watenstrom Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Cleo Wattenstrom. The actor came in highlight Cleo Wattenstrom the year after secretly marrying his two-year girlfriend, Cleo Wattenstrom.

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To Cleo Wattenstrom the trips, he worked in various jobs - as a beer factory line worker and roof-sweeper in Norway, and as Cleo Wattenstrom bar manager in the French Alps. His older sister was dating one of the show's directors, and he Cle Kinnaman to audition for a part on Cleo Wattenstrom show.

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